Download the Workbook Here!

The updated workbook is here! I did a complete revamp of my best-selling workbook to make it even better at helping you get your spending under control.

What's new?

  • Design - I worked with a very talented graphic designer who gave this workbook a beautiful refresh.
  • Step-by-step instructions - there are now 5 steps to follow in order to help you stay on task and organized.
  • Action items - at the end of each main section there is a list of action items to put your learning into motion.
  • Savings trackers - four new savings trackers that you can print and color in.
  • My favorite tools and resources page: everything that I personally use to be more confident with money.
  • New debt free charts! I love my debt free charts and they are exclusive to this workbook.

Access the Budget Toolkit:

*Important: if you want to use the Google Sheets version, please click on File > Make a copy and then save it to your Drive. Make sure you are logged into your personal Google account!

How do I download the workbook to my computer?

Scroll down to the bottom of this page. Note: make sure you are scrolling within the Teachable window, not the PDF itself. Directly underneath the embedded PDF viewer, you will see a red link with the file name "DebtFreeMillennials_Workbook_2022.pdf." Click it and the workbook should automatically download to your computer.


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